A few years ago I was challenged to read through the entire book of Proverbs in one afternoon with the expectation that God would reveal his wisdom and truth to me as I read. During the exercise I felt that God purposely illuminated the passage of Scripture in Proverbs chapter 24 verse 11. The Scripture was direct and firmly mandated me to “Rescue those being led away to death.” The verse immediately reminded me of those individuals in my life who I intuitively knew were staggering under the mundane and mediocrity of life and relationships. Living a life marked by disappointment, frustration and lack of joy, rather than the life Jesus spoke of in the Gospels.
It was a pivotal and life changing exercise for me in many ways.
This awakening in me created a passion to bring together several very distinct loves in my life: first, pursuing Jesus Christ and secondly spending time with my family and lastly being in His incredible creation. After spending most of my years in business and ministry in Florida, my wife Shannon and I decided to take God up on a very specific adventure that he was calling us to late in 2013. Colorado here we come!
Since I was a young boy I have loved anything to do with adventure and outdoors and dreamed of combining, at some point, my two greatest passions: first, my pursuit after the heart of Jesus, and secondly, anything remotely adventurous and outdoors. Now, as a grown man raising a teenage son and three daughters all with hearts that seek adventure and truth my desires for the Lord and adventure have been galvanized, not in myself alone but in my legacy through my family. Project 2411 was formed with this purpose in mind. It is a catalyst for that personal adventure, spiritual development and family connectedness to take place. Every organized event on the ranch or guided expedition leaving from the ranch has this central and eternal focus in mind: to explore the heart of individuals and families and to allow that heart to be fully captivated by God’s beauty and majesty.
-Dave Johnson


“Project 2411 creates opportunities for adventure and connectedness allowing families to find their destiny with the Lord.”

three core foundations

Love God

Creating space for personal discipleship to occur is not simply a cute “marketing” phrase drummed up by a new ministry. It was established as a core element of our ministry with a direct passion to see lives changed; it’s a desire or better yet an invitation. By creating opportunities for this personal awareness and reflection of who the King and Messiah are in your life, we have found that transformation and discipleship happen. While I would agree, the platform we have decided upon is certainly unconventional, it has been our experience that through the adventure of being called out to an unknown and often times uncertain place by God always represents an opportunity for that Spiritual growth to take place. At Project 2411, that is what we intend to accomplish through every one of our “Expeditions”. We refer to this process as “setting the table” for you to experience father God in ways that maybe you never have.

Love the Church

How do we plan on strengthen the local church? It is a great question one that we have been focusing one for several years. First over the last 8-10 years that I have been in active ministry and through many opportunities to meet pastors and other church leaders, I always eventually hear the same things (no, its not how do I get more volunteers to show up on Sunday, that is usually the second thing!) its how do I help the families in my church create a deeper love and devotion to Jesus Christ in their lives. That is the heart of every pastor or church leader across this world. Project 2411 strives to work with churches small, medium and large to develop the opportunities for this devotion and passion to grow. Whether it’s a focused men’s retreat and expedition planned, a couples adventure together, or the much needed pastor or church leader refreshment expedition we accomplish these goals through strategic focus in areas of specific ministries. Through relationship building and creating adventures and expeditions for churches to simply “plug into” this creates an opportunity for churches, ministries, and pastors to experience Jesus in a brand new way.

Love the family

The third leg of our three-legged stool is how do we impact families today in a huge way. This is my personal passion and after seeing so many families deteriorate over lack of community, relationship and intentionality we think it is time to do something about it. Part of the vision of Project 2411 Ministries is an acquisition called Deer Valley Ranch. As the Project begins its final stage of acquiring this 63 year old Christian family guest ranch located in Buena Vista, Colorado we have become more and more excited about the continued potential of this great “family” ranch. The ranch founded on a deep root of Godliness allows us to pick up where they are leaving off. Deer Valley Ranch has operated each summer as a place for families across this nation and abroad to come and to experience Jesus Christ in a very unique and life changing way. During our 10-11 week summer season, we host families from almost every state in the union and with the same intentionality and focus, to love on them and show them the heart of God in everything we do. As you can imagine there are many amazing things to do for families on a ranch in the middle of the Colorado Mountains; however the greatest of these results for us is to see them connect with Father God and with each other each day.


As an organization that was created to support the church, families and individuals walking a life out to become more like Jesus Christ, it is important to know what we believe to our core:

We believe in the Holy Bible

That it is inspired, infallible, and it is the authoritative Word of God.

We believe that there is only one TRUE God

That He is Sovereign

That He is Eternal

We believe in the Trinity, meaning that Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit exist eternally in three persons, however make up ONE true God.

We believe in the earthly present ministry of the Holy Spirit, the counselor that guides us to all truth and witness of Jesus Christ and allows us to live a life in fullness with Christ Jesus.

We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the reigning Messiah and King.
We believe in his virgin birth, sinless life and death on the cross for the redemption of the world.
We believe he was raised from the dead three days later, and sits at the right hand of Father God.

That He will return one day in glory, to judge the church and creation, those being found saved by the blood of Jesus by his grace will live in eternity forever.

Leadership Team

Johnson Family

David Johnson: President/CEO – Project 2411 Ministries, Inc.
David has been leading and developing people for over 20 years. Having a successful career as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service and as a business owner, David was called into pastoral ministry and leadership over 7 years ago. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Denver Seminary, and has a passion for all things outdoors. Creating the Project 2411 platform and utilizing his gifts of communicating gives him the opportunity to develop individuals with the Colorado Rockies as his office. While not in the mountains or at a retreat building into a individual’s life, David is at home in Colorado Springs where he resides with his wife Shannon and their four children.

Board Members

Brett Bender

Wealth Advisor – Frontier Wealth Management
Brett joined Frontier in 2010 as an Independent Advisor Representative. After working in the Kansas City home office for many years, he now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves clients across the U.S. He is passionate about helping families and corporations reach their financial goals.
Beginning his career in sports management, Brett brings a unique professional background to Frontier. His first job was with the NBA Phoenix Suns before spending 12 years in arena football as a General Manager. He is also the proud recipient of the AFL Executive of the Year award in 2001. Brett continues to satisfy his sports cravings by working for CBS and FOX Sports during the NFL and NCAA football seasons on game day productions.
Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brett honed his golf game in the desert and attended the University of Kansas on a golf scholarship. Brett and his wife Amber are blessed with twins, Garrett and Addison.

Al Minite


Greg Carr

Senior Pastor – WatersEdge Church, Charlotte, NC (Secretary)
Greg is a graduate of Liberty University with degrees in Biblical Studies and Business Management. Greg was the owner of a successful commercial construction company in Dallas, Texas before going into full-time ministry in 2002. For the past thirteen years, Greg has served as worship pastor and teaching pastor at some of the largest churches in the country. Today, Greg lives in Charlotte, NC along with his wife and three children, where he serves as the senior pastor of WatersEdge Church.